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Rocket Fuel: It's time for quarterly planning!

It's that time: let the quarterly planning commence!

Hi everybody, Julie here, the Sales Ace, bringing you another sales tip to skyrocket your business.
Now, you'll see behind me I've not got my branding today, and that's because I am on-site with a client and we have been spending some time looking at quarterly planning, looking at the last quarter of this year for them and already thinking about the first quarter of the next year.
Gosh, 2022 first quarter!

So the subject of today's sales tip is around planning. Now is the time, beginning of October: you’ll be looking at what you achieved for your last quarter, and what you want to achieve for this quarter.

But also, let's start thinking about January, February and March of next year. I have personally already planned my sales targets and sales goals for next year.
So now is the time. Let's get those sales plans out. Let's dust them down. Let's revisit things.

What's worked? What hasn't worked, what marketing do we need to do to ensure that we end this year achieving, what we wanted to achieve?

So good luck with that.
If you need any of my help, my email address is, and I'll see you soon!

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