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Why am I The Sales Ace? – Because it’s what I do best

Who is Julie - The Sales Ace

Who am I? I have been in sales for almost 3 decades. My career began in recruitment, one of the most challenging and competitive sales spaces in the UK, and from there I went on to a successful and varied career.

I reached out to Julie as I identified that we needed sales refresher training. Julie quickly established rapport with my team who were at first a little sceptical. She made each session fun and engaging and ensured she was able to involve all individuals creating action plans that were measurable and achievable. Julie also provided one to one training for a team leader on coaching which is proving to be popular and has improved communication. Whilst it is a little early to be talking results I am confident that the training will have a positive effect on our productivity and results going forward.

I worked the exhibitions, made the cold calls, managed the tricky customer accounts, and sat in the board room with C-Suite execs to create successful sales strategies. But, even when I worked in roles that were more managerial than customer-facing, I used to regularly build customer visits or time on the phones into my day, because I love to sell. No matter where I was or what role I had there was one thing I always was… I was a salesperson.

Now, as The Sales Ace, I want to pass that love of sales on to others through training and by using all the experience I have gathered over the years to help with great strategy and processes.

Being a Sales Ace isn’t about manipulations, tricks, high-pressure tactics or some sort of dark art. It is about skill, process, application, solving problems for your customers, and building good, honest, relationships. 

So, why am I ‘The Sales Ace’? Because I am a salesperson first and a trainer and consultant second.

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