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Rocket Fuel - Is it time to review your products and offerings?

August is a funny old time for businesses - things slow down and get a bit quiet, but this is a great opportunity to review your offerings and to find out what's really working for you, and what you can let go of.

Hi everybody, Julie here, the Sales Ace; bringing you a sales tip to help skyrocket your business.

So it's a funny time August. I don't know about you and your business, but I find that it goes very, very quiet. And as well as using this as an opportunity to have a holiday (which I have just come back from) I also use this as an opportunity to sit down and think about some things in the business or do some jobs within the business that I don't get a chance to do throughout the year.

And one of those is actually looking at the products and services that I offer, and to consider whether it's time to make a change. It's whether it's time to add anything to the portfolio to review things and see what's working. So, I will think about the sales workshops, I'll review the spend on training, and the sorts of things that I offer and just consider whether I want to make any changes or add to the portfolio.

Now, this year, I thought about it and no, I'm not going to do that for many, many different reasons. But for you, if you've not done this for a very long time, if you've not taken a step back and looked at what you're offering and what's working, what's not working, why it's not working from a product point of view, your quiet time, is a really, really good time.

And we’ve got a week left of August, we're going into the bank holiday, so again that can be quite quiet within businesses. So that's my sales tip for this week: sit down and think about what you offer businesses think about your offer, think about your product, think about your services, and you know, review them, be honest with and be brutal; are they working? Don't hang on to something just because you like it, but your customers don't seem to.

So there we go - that's my tip for this week, and I'll be back next week with a tip to help you kind of kickstart coming back after the bank holiday.

Have a good week!

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