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Rocket Fuel - Review your sales processes

My question to you is: when was the last time you actually took some time out and reviewed your sales processes?

Hi everyone, 

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I've been discussing this a lot with my clients this week, so here's the first one:
Review your sales processes.

My question to you is: when was the last time you actually took some time out and reviewed your sales processes?

This is a really important thing to do. It keeps things fresh, and it actually makes sure that you're doing things the way that you know is successful for your business.

I'll tell you a little story; this week I did a coaching session with somebody who'd asked me to sit with them and review their processes, 
We talked through the whole of the process from the start (when a lead comes in, how they deal with that) and one of the reasons they wanted this review to happen was that things weren't quite clicking in the way they wanted.

What was really interesting after just half an hour's conversation, we'd highlighted that what they were doing was not what they used to do prior to lockdown.

They'd thought about the fact that we've all been driven online, and how this was a really different way of interacting with their customers. They weren't having face-to-face meetings anymore, and they weren't building trust and rapport, which they knew (and had previously demonstrated clearly) was successful for them.

So, just by a few little conversations that we had, their sales processes will be put back in place and will kick off and be successful again, because we've sat together and reviewed what works best for their business.

So that's my challenge for you: take 10 minutes, half an hour at some point this week and ask yourself the question "Are my sales processes working, and if not, then why not?"

Just take yourself mentally through your processes, and it could be that you're not doing the things that you used to do successfully.

Next week, we're going to talk about how to make sure your business is sales-ready and out there during these lockdowns, and how we can make sure that we're still being accessed easily by our customers.

See you next time!

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