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If you want a great sales team you need great training

Sales Process - The Engine Driving Your Sales

Sales processes are vital. The sales team landing that big sale may well raise a cheer, and nothing beats the satisfaction of creating a clear, working sales strategy - but let’s not forget that both of them are doomed to fail if your sales processes don’t walk the customer from enquiry to delivery and then to repeat orders.

We have used Julie for a few years training our guys in sales and marketing . I always receive great feedback from the team and more importantly get to see actual results from the training, its always good to hear we have changed or made progress due to the training we have invested in . I can speak first hand as I recently attended a training course with Julie and have since changed my approach in one lead generation area and it worked.
Julies training is always fun as well as informative and I would recommend her to anyone who needs a new approach or angle.

'When I am looking at the sales process in a business, I have one person in mind… the customer.'

Your sales processes should make it easier for the customer to move from their initial contact through to the deliverable with the minimum possible delay and difficulty. You would be amazed how often I am asked to help because this isn’t happening. Sometimes it is because the sales process has grown over time and become disjointed, sometimes it is because it lacks definition and direction and sometimes it is simply because it has never really been assessed properly. Whatever the reason, without a good sales process you are risking losing everything you worked to achieve in other sales areas.

The importance of a robust sales process can pay in the success of any business is often underestimated.

Once we have worked together to assess and improve it you should be able to not only take your customer through the buying journey as effectively as possible but also: 

  • Increase the revenue generated by your sales team
  • Retain customers more easily
  • Understand your sales data
  • Use the information from your sales process to predict everything from new sales targets to buying patterns
  • Enhance the efficiency of your sales cycle
  • Streamline the buying experience for your customers

When you see the benefits a great sales process can bring, you realise just how important it is to the success of your business.


The best sales process always comes from a full understanding of how it interacts with every other part of your company. So, I start by getting to know your business inside out. Only then can we sit down together and design the perfect sales processes to rocket you to new levels of efficiency.

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